Why Hire a Law Office Consultant?

Lawyers are generally above average in intelligence, well-educated, analytical thinkers, and smart enough to navigate their way through complicated legal issues. However, that analytical thinking, and training from law school does not necessarily transfer to solving operational issues that come up regularly in running a business, especially when you are deeply involved working in the business.

Certainly, through trial and error, you can attempt to right the ship and make corrections that would seem to solve the problem, but without much certainty that the problem has been analyzed correctly, you may find that the problem is not really solved.

You Can’t Identify the Problem

I remember starting the golf season one year hitting the ball terribly. I knew it would not be long before I could solve the problem by just playing and making some adjustments on my own. Five rounds into the season, I was not playing any better, and in fact, growing horribly frustrated. I knew it was time for professional help. I scheduled a lesson with a local golf pro and asked him to take a look at my swing to see if he could correct what I was doing wrong. He stood behind me as I hit balls. By the third ball, he told me I was standing too far away from the ball on my set-up and that I needed to move closer to the ball by about one inch. Miraculously, on the next shot I took I hit the sweet spot and the ball exploded off my club. Every ball that I swung at, standing the proper distance from the ball, took off with the right distance and the right trajectory.

Think about that. I could have continued playing the rest of the season and not made the appropriate adjustment. It is one thing (if you are skilled enough) to look at another person’s golf swing, to find and identify flaws. It is a far more difficult process to correct your own swing of flaws when you are the one standing over the golf ball. It is difficult to see yourself objectively. The same is true with business procedures, operations and processes, especially when you are not trained in that game.

Listen to the Expert

Business struggles that can take months, years, or longer to correct could be handled far more quickly with far more efficiency if an objective, knowledgeable third party reviews your business processes and systems. Their skill set allows them to correctly analyze the issues and apply the proper solutions, at Lavelle Consulting, we want to be your swing coach. We want to start from the beginning, and analyze your entire operation, lead generation system, collecting and billing, and we also want to be your go-to advisor for regular tune-ups. Moreover, we want you to bring your “A” game daily and advance the success of your law office.

With the right swing coach, objective analysis, and disciplines, your firm will operate at peak performance in short order. With nearly three decades of experience, the team at Lavelle Consulting can analytically breakdown the components of your law firm and provide a written report, known as the “Law Firm Audit” that provides a blueprint to grow a successful, community-minded practice that makes a difference to people and businesses in your community. Contact me at klavelle@lavellelaw.com to find out how Lavelle Consulting can change your firm’s trajectory.


Kerry Lavelle is the author of The Business Guide to Law: Creating and Operating a Successful Law Firm published by the American Bar Association. It can be found on the ABA website at: http://bit.ly/1J1p0Aa. He grew his solo practice to a 26-attorney firm, accumulating numerous awards and commendations along the way for his legal work and community service. He is a frequent speaker at bar association seminars and conferences on law office management, and has served as an adjunct professor for business, economics and law school classes, and has served on boards for the Northwest Suburban, Illinois and American Bar Association.