Lavelle Consulting

While any successful law firm must feature skilled legal practitioners, not all include people skilled in running a business. And make no mistake, a law firm is a business.

At Lavelle Consulting we have encountered all types of business and operational issues during our quarter-century of law practice management and through a diligent effort to build best practices, we now offer our experience to other law firms in need of a critical review of the obstacles slowing or blocking their success.

Led by our founding partner, Kerry Lavelle, MBA, JD, Lavelle Consulting provides actionable reports to law firms facing issues such as cash limitations, organizational structure and workflow impediments, cultural and economic issues related to mergers and acquisitions, managing workloads during periods of rapid growth, and the need to successfully transition management to the next generation of partners.

We begin with an initial interview with your designated leadership team to gather pertinent facts and understand your concerns and desired outcomes. Through a detailed questionnaire and one on one interviews with partners and senior associates, we gather empirical data, which is then analyzed to form definitive conclusions on the operation of the law firm. Once complete, all of that information is collated and reviewed to identify gaps, conflicts and opportunities. The process ends with a summary report that includes specific tasks you can use to address the issues that are limiting your efficiency, profitability and growth.

In addition, Lavelle Consulting offers financial and operational guidance for law firms that are merging. We’ll review each firm’s operations, financial practices, and cultures to provide guidance on how to most efficiently create a successful new law practice.


  • The Audit: Evaluating the Franchise
  • The Keys to Create a Winning Team
  • Billing and Collecting Discipline: The Price of Admission
  • Creating Your All-star Lineup if Five Tool Attorneys
  • Marketing and Lead Generation Systems: Keeping the Turnstiles Moving
  • Lawmetrics: Sabermetrics for your Firm
  • The Eight Strategic Components of a Successful Business Plan
  • Creating a Fanatic Culture
  • Developing the Younger Players: Creating Your Succession Plan
  • A Team on the Rise: Governance for a Growing Firm
  • Staying Competitive: Fixing the Aging Firm
  • One Team: Post-merger Behavior
  • The Document Library; Your Playbook for Efficiency
  • Organizational Meetings: Partner and Attorney Retreats